Historic Vehicle Registration NSW


  • You must be a member of an RMS recognised Historic Vehicle Club.
  • Vehicle must be 30 years old from date of manufacture.
  • Vehicle must be unmodified however period/factory type mods/accessories are allowable.

How to register

  • Obtain from RMS (also available on RMS Website) the following forms.
  • Application for conditional registration.
  • Historic Vehicle Declaration Conditional Registration.
  • Obtain an inspection report on the vehicle (Pink Slip)
  • Complete the Application for Conditional Registration including vehicle identification on page 3. As all vehicles in RSOC have VIN’s there is no requirement to complete section Vehicle identified by’.
  • Complete Historic Vehicle Declaration Q1 and Q2 only
  • Read and sign an acknowledgement of Historic Rules (available from Registrar)
  • Send application, Declaration, inspection report and acknowledgement of Historic Rules to club registrar to sign off.
  • Forms and inspection report are returned to member (sometimes a letter stating person is financial member of club is required by the RMS).
  • Take paperwork to RMS to register vehicle.
  • Once registered send a copy of certificate of registration to club registrar.


  • Historic registration means limited usage of your vehicle i.e. club approved events and maintenance.
  • Obvious benefit is cost of registration. Initial registration fee is approx $80.00 (Aussie RS) which includes a number plate fee and CTP (Greenslip). Subsequent registration is currently around $46.00. Costs vary between models.
  • On historic registration insurance costs will also be very low. Insurance for a value of $10,000 can cost around $100.00.
  • An irritating point is the actual size of the number plate. Somewhere between a standard yellow plate and a motorcycle plate. Which means more holes in your car or making up a backing plate.