Special Interest Vehicle Registration Qld

In Queensland the Department of Transport has a Special Interest Vehicles Scheme that can save RSOC Australia members a few dollars. It is similar to the scheme operating in New South Wales, in that it is a restricted Registration that only applies to motor vehicles 30 years or older. The Registration covers club events; some other special events like weddings, including trips to the mechanic, panel beater etc, plus you can travel in a 15 kilometre radius from your home to road test your vehicle.

You will need to be a member of a club that is incorporated, as is the Ford RS Owners Club of Australia. You will need to acquire a letter from your club confirming your membership and vehicle details, which has to include the age of the vehicle you wish to register.

At the Queensland Department of Transport you will then need to pick up a Registration Concession Application form, (form F3937). It’s only a single sheet and once you read past the concessions for pensioners and war veterans you will find the section for the Special Interest Vehicles Scheme.

It is not hard to fill the form out; when you have payed the fee and it has been processed you will receive a pair of special number plates. The current format of these plates is an “S” prefix followed by five numbers. You will find that you could be saving yourself up to around $500. Then you can enjoy putting the saving back into your classic Ford.