The Ford RS Owners Club (Australia) Incorporated was formed in mid 1982 following an advertisement which appeared in the Australian auto magazines Auto Action, Chequered Flag and Racing Car News, inviting a coming together of like-minded RS enthusiasts. The main response came from New South Wales with the other States catching on fast. A committee was formed, the Club’s mission statement was drawn up and a membership fee was fixed to finance the services the Club aimed to provide.

The Ford RSOC of Australia continues to be the first Club that represented the interests of owners of the whole range of Rallye Sport cars and the only Club catering for members from all states of Australia. Vehicles belonging to it’s members span from the very first years of Ford Rallye Sports competition history to current new models of high performance machinery. The Club’s founding member, Tom Chaplin, and many of the original members are still active within the Club to this day.

Mission Statement

The Club consists of many extremely friendly active enthusiast members located all around Australia who have an accumulated wealth of first hand knowledge on all Ford RS vehicles. The members openly strive to provide the correct support and technical information where needed so as to assist the owner/s to preserve and maintain the heritage of these specialist type of vehicles. The Club has a strong social appeal which extends all over the world