Escort RS2000 Mk2 – 1976

Escort RS2000 Mk2
Escort RS2000 Mk2

After the use of the Escort RS2000 MK1 for touring car racing here in Australia, Ford had no option but to import 25 mk2 RS2000 Escorts from Germany to use for homologation of the new Mk2 body shape as they did not have a 2 litre in a Mk2 in 1976.

Welcome the German RS2000, only 25 in Australia.

Ford UK released the Mk2 RS2000 in January of 1976. Over the space of four years building approximately 10000 units all two door versions, No four door cars.

Built in Saarlouis Germany, Ford Australia had ordered 25 RS2000s which came in three different colours. Carnival Red, Daytona Yellow, Diamond White.

All had Ghia black velour seats in place of the roll top recaros that the euro/UK cars received. Interiors are black including the hood lining.

The 25 RS’s had 5.5inch deep dish steel wheels, with Pirelli cinturato 175/70HR13 tyres. Euro/UK RS’s received the 6×13 four spoke RS alloy wheels with the same Pirelli tyres fitted.

The 2 litre has 82kW (110bhp)@ 5500rpm, with 160Nm @4000rpm. This engine produces more power due to the free flowing cast RS exhaust manifold and no pollution gear on the engine. Ford Australia’s only addition to the engine is the charcoal canister.

Escort RS2000 Mk2 X Pack
Escort RS2000 Mk2 X Pack

Standard items on these cars are (different to the Aust RS2000):

  • Alloy sump with baffle and extra wing to increase oil capacity,
  • Alloy bell housing
  • Alloy engine mounts
  • RS cast twin downpipe exhaust manifold
  • Large brake booster
  • Unique radiator top hose
  • Pancake type air filter
  • Large suspension top mounts
  • Larger stub axle and bearings (same as V6 capris and Lotus Cortinas)
  • Larger taper on steering rack ends (same as V6 Capri and Lotus Cortina only metric thread)
  • Gear stick 75mm further back over Australian escorts
  • Up rated Sash front suspension
  • Up rated Degirling gas rear suspension
  • Twin radius arms on diff housing
  • RS steering wheel with RS branded centre cap
  • Unique centre console
  • RS dash with white needles
  • Clock and pod in dash facia
  • Different styled exterior mirrors
  • Thick black side stripe
  • 2 litre badge on front guards
  • Blacked out around rear lights
  • One piece carpet
  • F O R D lettering in nose cone

Although the two RS2000’s looked the same, they were in fact very different in performance in standard form.

German 82kW (110bhp) top speed 178km, 0-100km 8.5sec standing quarter 16.9sec.

Australian 70 kW (93.8bhp) top speed of 168km, 0-100 time of 11.5sec standing quarter 17.9sec.

Ford UK also created an option for up rated parts so the RS2000 would be able to run in the Group 1 racing formula.

Many parts were available directly from your local Ford dealer in Europe and UK. Ford produced a small number of Group1 or X pack RS2000’s for promotion. Dealers were able to order any amount of Group1 parts to fit to the RS2000 depending on what the customer wanted.

In brief, Group1 parts:

  • Anti dive kit
  • HD bushings all round
  • Bilstein front struts
  • Quick rack 2.5 turns lock to lock (standard 3.5)
  • Lower front spring height
  • Roll top mounts
  • Vented disc brake kit
  • Bilstein rear shocks
  • Single leaf rear spring either 116lbs or 146lbs
  • LSD diff unit
  • Close ratio rocket gearbox 2.54,1.66,1.25,1.00
  • Group1 engine kit, twin 44IDF Weber carbs, inlet manifold and airbox, dipstick & extension, PCV breather adaptor, longer throttle cable, WR40 centre drilled camshaft and big valve head.
  • Big bore RS cast exhaust manifold and quick release downpipes
  • Deep dish RS 3 spoke leather steering wheel and boss kit
  • X pack body kit
  • 7.5 inch RS alloy wheel to suit body kit
  • Bonnet pins

Note: None of the 25 RS2000’s bought to Australia had these kits fitted, they came in standard form.

Ford Europe/UK stopped producing the Mk2 RS2000 in Dec 1980 with their only change coming in September 1978 going for two versions, firstly the RS2000 Custom, same style as before less side stripes and RS2000 decal on rear quarters. The new version is the RS2000 Base model, a cheaper version with fewer creature comforts. Mechanically still the same.